Founder & CEO

PeopleDiligence started as a problem.  For 20 years, I was hired to solve problems for clients including Coca Cola, eBay, Diageo & Santander.  But I kept seeing a problem I couldn't solve.

Why was it so hard to get stuff done in some organisations?  Why did every tough assignment stall with people problems?  And what separated the brilliant leaders I met in some organisations from the mediocre managers we have all encountered at some point in our careers (clue - it wasn't intelligence!).

PeopleDiligence is the result of two years of evidence based research into the core drivers of performance and culture.

Claire Hartnell 

Founder, PeopleDiligence

Claire Hartnell, BA Cantab

e: claire.hartnell@peoplediligence.co.uk

m: +44 7958 778825