Our philosophy is simple ...

We want you to get more from your people. We don't believe you need to work harder or be paid more to be more productive. Our research tells us that a combination of learnable tools, transformational leadership styles and strong cultural values can help you unlock unrealised potential.

We have developed a comprehensive programme that helps you upskill your people with the tools they need* for the future of work:

(*Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum, October 2020)

Critical thinking and analytical skills

Easy to follow, step by step guides to help your teams understand how to recognise their emotional thinking and improve their analytical thinking

Active learning and learning strategies

Tools and approaches for creating a learning organisation. Evidence based ideas for improving group dynamics and encouraging diversity of thought

Complex problem solving

Proven, science based methodologies for breaking down problems and developing tactical or strategic options. Tools and worksheets to assist your teams 

Leadership and social influence

Evidence based cognitive and behavioural science approach to improving emotional intelligence and leadership skills

Resilience and stress tolerance

In depth modules helping your managers to build  their emotional resilience and better manage their teams through setbacks or crises

Creativity, originality and initiative

Insights and neuroscientific research on how to foster creativity in your teams. Clear guidelines for when to encourage innovation or creativity

A world class programme

Our programme draws upon the work of Nobel laureates, academics from leading institutions, Silicon Valley founders and corporate scions

We combine insights from Science, Software Design, Management Consultancy, Operational Improvement, Psychology and Philosophy to offer a rich learning platform:
Artificial Intelligence
Behavioural Science
Cognitive bias
Complexity theory
Continuous Improvement
Design Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Hypothesis based problem solving
Systems Thinking
The Scientific Method

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Who are we? by Claire Hartnell